Bucharest non-standard completion

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Bucharest non-standard completion

Post by sirloin » 27 Jul 2011, 08:31

Having stumbled upon what is doubtless the appropriate forum for this kind of thing, here is a short message to say that last May I set what was possibly a double first in visiting every station in the Bucharest Metro in one day, not merely passing through but exiting at each point, breathing in fresh air and surveying whichever panorama that presented itself before then re-entering, thereby having the ticket machine stamp my ticket with the respective station's name and the time; total time was c.8 hrs 30 mins.

I dare say a similar completion - which in itself is more complete a completion, in that one can not only say that one is acquainted with each stop's interior design but also its exterior aspect - would not be possible within the space of a normal day's operation on the LU; a New Year's Eve/Day job, perhaps?

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Re: Bucharest non-standard completion

Post by Going Underground » 27 Jul 2011, 08:56

Hello Sirloin and welcome :D

An interesting scenario, however I would imagine that even with the system operating through the night at New Year that you would have to come back to complete this over a few days...
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Re: Bucharest non-standard completion

Post by greatkingrat » 27 Jul 2011, 10:07

If you allow 3 min per station to exit, take the photo, reenter and wait for the next train, that would be an extra 13.5 hrs compared with a normal full network.

You probably could do it in two days if you really wanted to.
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