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Post by Adham » 20 Jun 2011, 00:34

I have been travelling in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and went on metro systems while I was at it. I am listing them here as they are nice and small. While Lille is in France, its proximity to the Belgian border enabled me to do its network as well, and thus it is included here.

Amsterdam - 02:22:06

Rotterdam - 03:35:09

Lille - 01:54:24

I will mention the Brussels system too, which I did another time and is touched upon in the Brussels/Croydon thread. I managed 02:23:35, but times of 02:18 and 02:26 have been set by Perkyperky. These have been with the main lines only (1,2,5,6); 3 and 4 are premetro.

As Luxembourg is the only country of the three to have no rapid transit, an attempt was also made to visit every national rail station. Some were shut at the time, but I went to 56 in 07:47:03. Maybe I'll complete at some point.

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