Prague Tram Challenge

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Prague Tram Challenge

Post by zeibura » 30 Jan 2011, 13:08

Seriously, if any of you ever come out to my new neck of the woods and think about doing the Prague Metro challenge, let me inform you that it's not really a challenge. while if you research it properly you get some good "between-ends-of-lines" views of the city, most of what you see while on the metro is tunnels. Not all that exciting.

The tram challenge on the other hand would be something else! It would probably take roughly as long as the tube challenge, maybe a bit less, and you'd get to see more or less the whole city just like with the tube challenge. Anyone up for it? ... provoz.pdf
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Re: Prague Tram Challenge

Post by Root » 31 Jan 2011, 13:51

I could do a "tram challenger exchange" with you - if you come to Helsinki and do the tram challenge here, I'll come do it in Prague! Cheap flights, accommodation and time off permitting :)
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