Attempt 24 - Friday 10th April 2014

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Attempt 24 - Friday 10th April 2014

Post by al » 13 Apr 2015, 08:47

So I had another go on Friday, armed with a paper travelcard!

Not the best of days on the network, due to the nasty accident at Stockwell in the morning and the 'signal failure' at Aldgate in the afternoon, which was apparently a failed S Stock on the curve at Aldgate, which sent the sub surface into meltdown.

It started well at Heathrow, with the connection working as published at 123, and being able to make the 0606 from Olympia rather than the 0615. It started to fall apart a bit after that though.

Bad points:

- Just missing an unscheduled direct Mill Hill East from central London in the direct aftermath of the Stockwell incident
- When I finally did do MHE, the first northbound train was terminating at Finchley Central - I've never seen that before!
- The WC on the C2C was locked out of use
- Finding the Circle was suspended when I needed to use it

One other intriguing bit was seeing five Wimledons in a row at Earls Court, one of which turned into an Olympia terminator at short notice, which judging by the surprisingly high number of passengers, was not necessarily communicated well to those on board!

I did manage to do MHE and Hainault well, but overall I had to abandon early evening.
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