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First attempt, South London

Posted: 16 Jan 2015, 13:34
by biggles42
This was my first attempt at the challenge!
After booking days of work and planning start times for last Tuesday. TFL announced a Bus strike.
We looked at changing the day and decided we will go for it anyway. (what could possibly go wrong)
After meeting at 0453 at Wimbledon, we made good time, and clocked Olympia, headed for Heathrow, then up to Amersham.
With a broken down train preventing our planned route up to Cockfosters, Had a prompt change of route taking the Victoria line to Walthamstow, Then a run to Woodford, Central Loop, then back in. The rest of the journey was rather uneventful, although it was rather busy.
With a lack of buses and an increased number of people on the tube, be got to Aldgate around 2200, ran to Aldgate East and make the fast train to Upminster.
With delays on the way back in the district line, and a sudden realization that we had missed Goodge street and Tottenham court Road, we would not make it.
With 21 stations remaining including the southern loops including Lambeth North and Borough, we decided to abort.
That's when we hopped on the Jubilee and went our separate ways at Waterloo.
One other problem was thee Oyster, We decided it would be easier than a travelcard! How wrong we were! with two penaltys it came to a total of £33.50. After a conversation with TFL over the phone on Thursday, they re-imbursed me the £12 so it came to a travelcard price!
We are planning for a re-run in April with an Amersham or Chesham Start. Hopefully there will be no Strike!

Re: First attempt, South London

Posted: 16 Jan 2015, 14:16
by Sam
Unlucky on not completing and good luck for next time.

The oyster debate used to come up on here a lot, but for a full network, it just isn't feasible due to the time out. Glad TfL were feeling nice though!!