What is this section for?

Let us know about your latest FULL NETWORK CHALLENGE efforts
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What is this section for?

Post by tubeguru » 21 Nov 2005, 15:31

OK, as I mentioned in the admin section, the website needs updating with lots of efforts which have been made over the past few months. Essentially, I need YOU to tell me (and the rest of us) about them so I can update the main website with them.

It would be easiest if you were to post them here if you could so I can fashion them into some kind of report on the website proper. If you've already outlined an attempt elsewhere on the forum you could always cut and paste it into a thread in this section if you like to save repeating yourself.

Only use this section for posting an account of your efforts. If anyone has any comments to make on someone's effort please do it in the Tube Challenge Chat section and not in here.

Of course, anyone who makes fresh challenges from now onwards is welcome to use this section as a way of bringing it to everyone's attention.

Please don't use this section to chat about group challenges such as "the Zone 1 Challenge" and "Tube Relief" as we already have separate sections for that.

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