Tube Relief Reunion & Tami

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Tube Relief Reunion & Tami

Post by Annie Mole » 15 Mar 2006, 08:24

Sorry if there's already a thread for this lurking around somewhere else, but thanks to everyone who turned up to the reunion and to meet Tami again last night.

I've blogged the night with some pictures here.

Cheers :D


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Post by garda » 21 Mar 2006, 14:55

:D I just wanted to thank ya'll , especially Annie for organizing, another great night in London. We, my family, had a wonderful time getting together. I really do appreciate the support you have given me since we made friends and will always think of you all when I think of the UK. The photos were great, food and berr wonderful and I cant wait till next time. Our party was the highlight of the trip!! I will keep in touch on the firum, blogs, etc. every day and hope to make another challenge or visit. I will try to post the pics soon. I just made it in last night... Love to all! Thanks...tami


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