Pictures from Tami

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Pictures from Tami

Post by Annie Mole » 20 Nov 2005, 08:49

Hi all

I've just had an email from Tami and she had uploaded a lot of pictures from Hurricane Katrina on to a flickr account. They are very good but some are very disturbing too - at the moment she has not made them public, so people who have a flickr account and who are not on her friends list will not be able to see them.

If you have a flickr account and would like to see them please visit and send a message to Tami from the link on the right "send garda44 a message" and ask if she can make you a friend.

If you don't have a flickr account you would need to set one up first of all, so when you visit the above address you'll be prompted to set up an account and once you have done so, follow the paragraph above to get added to Tami's friend list.



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Thanks Annie

Post by garda » 20 Nov 2005, 17:12

I have gone and made them public and fixed them up a bit. I had to figure out how to do these. I hope to donwload the tube event photos when I get to the laptop. Sorry that I havent replied but you can imagine how everything is going.

I want you all to know that I think of ya'll everyday and cannot wait to come back to visit. I am still living on the cruise ship and working at the command center. I am doing better now but progress is so slow.... We still have much to do as the city isnt coming back fast enough. You have to be here to see what actually has happened.

My house has a blue tarp on it like many and we ware waiting for the insurance adjuster to do the claim so it can be repaired. As you know we were only in the house a few months (2) before Katrina struck and we werent totally unpacked.

I read the blogs from ya'll and get my fill of normalacy . LEt me know how everyone is doing and dont forget Iwant to come to run the next event!
Love T- :D

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Post by jonny » 21 Nov 2005, 19:26

Thanks for that report -- I was wondering how you were getting on.

Hope you are all OK and not affected as badly as some by the hurricane.



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