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Non Runners

Post by petermiller36 » 04 Sep 2005, 16:23

Hey people! It's been a long time since I've posted on here due to two months worth of holidays/work. As many of you know I couldn't make the day due my work holiday finishing mid morning of the challenge. With £8 left in the bank I managed to struggle down to London to at least join in for some point. I met up with Geoff and team for the north east section of the Central Line which was very pleasant - thanks guys and girls. I then went off and completed an All Lines Challenge in order to say that I completed a challenge on the day. It was very bizarre walking around the All Lines Challenge but completed it in about 1h10m or so. I wasn't timing because that wasn't what it was about as we all know.

When I was in America (from 7th July!) I managed to raise a little bit from the Americans there and some Europeans. There is a cheque on the way but to date I have 11 Euros 81 Cents for the Europeans in change and from the Americans I have $50 8c. Not a lot I know, but we were all volunteering for the month in the States.


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