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Post by garda » 02 Sep 2005, 13:49

I sent a message earlier but I dont think it worked so I am sending another now.
I made it to Tampa Florida. My son is alive and in North Mississippi in a shelter.

BBC Radio 4 TODAY called on my cell phone which I can only retrieve message . ANDREA at 2086244. Can someone call her and tell her that I am at 504-329-1095 for a while. Thanks.

My sister's birthday and anniversary of my mother's death is today and I am praying that we find her. My nephew has started back to the area where she stayed to look for her.

The city is in complete chaos from what I am hearing. I am hearing that police are just leaving their posts. Thugs are shooting at rescuers and police now. It is anarchy. I am still trying to find a way to get home . Fred is going to Texas at his sisters with his mom. Joshua will stay here in Tampa with Fred's ex-inlaws and go to school.

I am going to try to get to New Orleans to start helping and looking for my officers. I posted on local forums for assistance and havent received any replys. I simple dont know where they are.

I miss you all desperately and wish some nice rich helpful person will just say -0 here's a home, here's a job for you and fred, here's a life. I was waiting 3 yrs. to retire to come there but now it seems to be all gone. I am more miserable here than when I was there with you all. I know my hubby, pups, and sons are alright but it is surreal.

Now on a lighter note: Jen was a great hostess puting me up in Brighton. She could always be a B&B owner if she chooses to change professions.

The airline was great. They upgraded me to bus class and I only needed 1 valium . The best I will eat for months I am sure. GMTV picked Jen and I up in a car thata was more expensive than my house. Or the house I had.

I got back to the states with 4 pounds in my pocket, $50 dollars in my purse and a heavy heart. I will trasure my experience with yall every day amd will keep in touch. Please encourage people to help us. I dont know how I will get any money from the govt. to help my family. I just hope it goes to all of us in need. I told a few of ya'll.: I am always in control and my job is to protect and serve as my motto is but I feel helpless and displaced. My encouraging thoughts are thinking that you are are there and my new family!
Will write when I get to GROUND ZERO! Geoff let them all know Robin at Virgin, Lucy at GMTV, etc. I made it here. Now I have to go buy some ammo.

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Post by Fimb » 02 Sep 2005, 22:05

I'm so pleased you've made it home Tami.. but I know that everything is going to be really difficult for you.. so if theres *anything* I can do, let me know. Do you have a paypal account for example if any of us can help in that way? Can we send you clothes? or any other essentials you need?

You did an amazing thing for us, so please let us help in some way.

You're an amazing woman, and its a pleasure to know you..

Nikki xx

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Post by Annie Mole » 03 Sep 2005, 08:07

So pleased to hear from you Tami and really, really, pleased to hear that you have found your son. Our hearts go out to you in your search for your sister.

I simply can't say how strong I think you are. Your courage and good humour should be an inspiration to all of us. It was a great pleasure to meet you.

Just to let you know that Geoff is away for a few days, but I've texted him to let him know that you are safe. I also called Radio 4 last night and passed on your message to them.

Please keep strong Tami, the press in the UK are still covering what's going on in New Orleans, but it's great to hear updates from someone we know. And I've blogged your message (without your phone numbers) so that people can see. A number blogs about Hurricane Katrina have mentioned your story from my blog, and literally thousands of people have viewed your pictures in flickr. We are all with you Tami.

Lots of love


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Post by jon » 03 Sep 2005, 16:12

Glad you made it! We miss you too. I am happy we had a chance to meet.

Hope you are fine there and do give us a shout if you need anything. We will help.

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Tami's sister alive!!!!!

Post by Annie Mole » 03 Sep 2005, 16:17

Another update from Tami, she's having difficulties posting to the forum so emailed me with the following:

"I am having trouble posting on the tube challenge in the section for some reason. Can you post this for me either in your blog or there- thanks.

I have some good news to tell you all and that is my sister is ALIVE and ok. She is in Slidell still without the essentials and fairly good health. My nephew drove to SLidell from North La. and rescued the rest of her family (her daughter, son in law, and grandson) and they will be going to my sister who is safe. Cindy chose to stay with the house and she has no runnig water or power but supplies of food and water and help. Thank God. I found out the good news on her birthday (which I also mentioned was the anniversary of my mothe's death) Really surreal.

This morning I finally got in touch with my police dept. and I am enroute back there. The conditions are really bad and grim. Many police have been without the essentials as well and the radio contact is almost nil from what I was told. I am mentally fit and ready to go and do what I need to do to help my brother and sisters and the citizens who are left. Rescue is hampered with the water and the criminals who prevent any type of rescue. Some reports I have heard are so bad that I am unable to put it on the internet. I will have to blog "my family" and let you know what REALLY is happening.

I went and bought a few essentials for the next few weeks because I am unable to get anything there. People have been selling ice for $10 a bag. My money is running low and I will be depended on the government to help me .

I am waiting on my contact to find out where they wish to deploy me. I have no clue what to expect except what I have seen on FOX news and CNN. Freddie, my hubby, will stay in Texas and pick up Justin, our 19yr.old, and keep the pups.

I cant describe the words to put down to relate all this to you guys and I wish Annie Mole was here so she could write it more clearly. Geoff should be here to help with the PR work because the police sure needs it.

Please let the people of the UK know that we need their help and prayers and will get through this.

On a lighter note- Whenever I start to feel down or defeated, I am remembering you all and my other home there. I also think about- Using the men's loo at the 1st stop, having Paul, Jonny, and Patrick hold open the door of the train so I can catch up and hop on, watching all of you and your wonderful spirit as we excitedly waited for the 1st train and waved at the driver, and those HORRIBLE photos of me that ended up on the BBC! UGH.

I will be out of touch for a bit but will try to get to a internet..

Love to all T

Yay, yay, yay Tami :D :D

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Post by Fimb » 03 Sep 2005, 17:47

Thanks for passing that on Annie..

I so hope this all sorts out with the minimum of extra pain..

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Post by c0y0t3 » 03 Sep 2005, 18:16

You won't know how glad I am to hear that your son and sister are all right! May God bless you and your family. We wish you
all the best!

On the lighter side: You are right, maybe I'll change
my profession and open a B&B once I finish my PhD
-if I will ever be able to finish it- . But, of course,
it will only be opened in partnership with you!

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Post by barrykas » 03 Sep 2005, 19:50

c0y0t3 wrote:You won't know how glad I am to hear that your son and sister are all right! May God bless you and your family. We wish you all the best!
c0y0t3 wrote:On the lighter side: You are right, maybe I'll change my profession and open a B&B once I finish my PhD -if I will ever be able to finish it- . But, of course, it will only be opened in partnership with you!
You'll have to open two. One in Amersham and one in Upminster, and give discounted rates to Tube Challengers :D


Barry Salter, barry (at) southie (dot) me (dot) uk

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Post by G Force » 04 Sep 2005, 17:43

Tami, I'm glad to hear that you have now located your sister, and that your family are safe and well. Good luck in helping to restore law and order to New Orleans. It will be a very testing time for you and the rest of New Orlean's population in the coming months. I don't think any of us over here in the UK can comprehend quite how bad the situation is. I hope that things go as well as they can, for you, your family and friends in the near future.

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Post by PFW » 04 Sep 2005, 20:17

Tami - I'm so glad that your family are OK and that you are getting back to what you obviously know best - being strong and getting the job done.

Personally I feel pretty helpless here in the UK, so if there is ANYTHING that you want/need that we can do just let us know.

Keep in touch

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Post by juggler » 05 Sep 2005, 00:03

I've been in west Wales for over a week and have just returned so I've had nothing else to worry about other than New Orleans and not knowing how Tami was faring :roll:

Tami whatever you decide to do be safe, and I hope that the city gets back on its feet soon and you and your family can start living normally again

Keep your chin up and your upper lip stiff

In letters of gold on a snow-white kite, I will write "I love you!"
And send it soaring high above you, for all to read!

RIP Billy McK 1957-1997

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Post by geofftech » 05 Sep 2005, 16:02

Tami - great news that your sis is alive & well. Let us know bits as and when you can. It will all get better, it's just going to take a feck of a long time isn't it? Don't despair .. battle on .. we're all thinking of ya.



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