London Suicide Bomber Video & Tube Relief

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London Suicide Bomber Video & Tube Relief

Post by Annie Mole » 02 Sep 2005, 10:34

Neil can tell me off if I've posted this in the wrong place, but I don't think it is. I'm sure by now you've all seen or heard about the video being released of the Edgware Road suicide bomber "justifying" his actions. I was really spooked by this mainly cos it was the first time ever that one of these messages had been issued by an English national and someone with an English accent.

Now is really a time when this is fresh in the news to really get on to all of your friends and family to get them to sponsor you. Update the picture on your justgiving page if you haven't already. Even think about re-issuing another press release to your local press and radio stations, while this is still topical.

You might want to take the one on the tube relief site and start off with something like "As the UK is waking up to the chilling images of suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan's video message "justifying" the attacks on London, XXXX (your name) last week went on a mass tube challenge to raise money for the victims of London's attacks. Over £11,000 has already been sent to the London Bombing's relief fund with more from the event coming in each minute.

XXXXX said "Seeing the video, should just strengthen our support of the victims of the attacks and strenghten our resolve to show terrorists that we're still not going to be fleeing from the streets of London or our public transport, no matter what they say
." " then carry on as normal with the release.

We've seen what happened when the press got hold of Tami's story thanks to our re-emphasis of the whole event.

Now we have a highly topical and relevant story to Tube Relief and we must not let people like this w****r Khan win and we must do our bit to help the victims of the attacks and let the world know that we were not afraid to travel on the tube.

Many thanks


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