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Pictures of the Day and Flickr Group

Post by Annie Mole » 26 Aug 2005, 08:18

Well - guys - what can I say, but what an absolutely AMAZING day - you were all superstars!!! :D :D :D

Just in case you didn't know there is a flickr photo sharing group where anyone can add pictures of the day.

I would urge you joining flickr even if you're not going to add any pictures because you get a lot more out of the flickr group by joining as you can add comments or notes to any of the pictures and you can also see how many times a particular picture has been viewed and I know that might be important to certain ego maniacs amongst us!!

Please remember that I've set the group up as public which means that anyone can view the pictures, so please don't add anything that you wouldn't want the public to see!

It's FREE to join flickr or if you already have any Yahoo! account you can sign in that way.

If you're having problems uploading pictures to the flickr site or particularly adding them to the group you can email them to me at and I'll add them for you.

Just an important tip as well, if you join the flickr group and then want to upload pictures to it, you must make sure that you click on the little button at the top of each picture which says - "send to group" otherwise it won't automatically become part of the tuberelief pool.

Any questions post here and I'll try to help

Have fun!!!


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