World Record Attempts During Tube Relief

For discussion of Tube Relief 2005 (NOW CLOSED)
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Post by geofftech » 06 Aug 2005, 17:12

barrykas - can you drop me an email (geofftech), and i'll talk to you about accomodation/minicabs. ta.

still don't see what's intimidating about night runs.

Epping start a good idea though! why didn't it work? i timetabled a route for starting there once, and it is possible ... save yourself a F of a lot of time, even with the gaps you have to wait ... suprised no one else has ever done it before ...

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Post by James_#510 » 06 Aug 2005, 21:45

It didn't work for a number of reasons. The main one was that with our route even if we waited for all those trains at Woodford/Hainault then we would have wound up on "the last train to Amersham" (Tube 4) and not been able to do Chesham.
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Post by Senji » 07 Aug 2005, 01:13

I have half an Epping->Heathrow route planned out that I got distracted by when I was making the route for this.


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