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Post by geofftech » 24 Aug 2005, 11:37

Indeed. Just poke your head out at each stop on the way to Upminser and see if anyone else is on your train ...

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Post by Senji » 24 Aug 2005, 12:28

tpfkar wrote:Mine does too. Long waits at Finchley Central and Woodford finally convinced me that flexibility was a good idea!

Talking of ideas, why doesn't everyone going to Upminster sit at the front of the train for their final journey? That way you'll know who's on your train, and you can begin reminiscing that little bit earlier, as well as explaining where the 10 connections were that you missed by a few seconds, which would have left you half an hour ahead blah blah blah..

Of course, I'll be the worst at that-just to warn you!
I fear that long waits at Finchley Central or Woodford are par for the course, since timetable adherance isn't brilliant. And if you've only lost an average 3 minutes to a bad connection then you're probably doing quite well :-)


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