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Post by Elsie » 14 Feb 2017, 22:39

This Saturday, it's the 5th round of the FA Cup (for those not familiar with sport, it's a ball game played by over-paid prima-donnas and followed by idiots ... like me) and my team, Leicester City is away at Millwall. I'm leaving home at 7am to pick up my son from his Uni digs in Leicester at 8, drive down to Cannons Park and off into the city. I was hoping to get some tube visits, maybe even an all lines challenge in but my lump of of a son has put the brakes on.

Dad. We're going to London for the football, a couple of pints, some grub, the game and then home. You are not, repeat NOT, allowed to play on bloody tube trains.

Since when do kids dictate to their parents?! :( :lol:

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Re: Kids!

Post by RJSRdg » 15 Feb 2017, 03:06

Easy - do a DLR or Tramlink challenge!
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Re: Kids!

Post by Tube Geek » 15 Feb 2017, 09:33

Or an all-lines on your way back to your train home!

And I tell my Mum/Dad what to do quite a bit...
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Re: Kids!

Post by J.Nichols-Ageros » 15 Feb 2017, 09:43

Oh you could have come to our 24 hours event :D
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