Overground included?

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Re: Overground included?

Post by geofftech » 15 May 2013, 23:01

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Re: Overground included?

Post by andytube » 16 May 2013, 08:37

When does Edware Rd (B) close?
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Re: Overground included?

Post by The Raven » 16 May 2013, 08:40

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About time to, those lifts are rubbish!
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Re: Overground included?

Post by mrredrunner100 » 20 May 2013, 12:30

i have never been to edgeware road (b) but i was aware of it being shut, so i guess we would just mark it as a passthrough but count the time we actually pass through the station.

At least we dont have to do the cable car, which is good :D, its a pain to get on thier with all the queues (experiance from when i last went) :D
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