Done first recce

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Done first recce

Post by andytube » 21 Sep 2012, 11:51

Did first recce yesterday. 91 stations in 6 hrs 33 mins. So a third of the network.

Not bad timewise considering:

4 stages by foot, which were done at normal walking pace, which resulted in missing one connection by about 3 seconds and another by less than 10 seconds. (15-20 mins wasted). There were 2 or 3 others where the tube had just pulled away as I arrived on the platform.

Missed an overground connection because I didn't know what platform it left from (15 mins)

Missed a tube train because I was just looking around at one station (10 mins)

Had to look for a bus stop (5 mins)

A Bakerloo service terminated at Queen's Park, then the following service terminated at Stonebridge Park (10 mins)

A Picadilly service terminated at Rayner's Lane (8 mins)

So could have done that section an hour quicker. Just need to get myself physically fit :D
Current best: 19:51:10 (2014). Hopefully that will be broken in 2018 :-)

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