Tube 8 - February 2005

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Post by CrunchySaviour » 25 Feb 2005, 13:19

But if you're bored one day with nothing better to do, it'll be too late to start the challenge! You'd have to be bored one night and have nothing better to do the next day.
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Post by petermiller36 » 26 Feb 2005, 19:47

good effort geoff! sounds like a tough day, physically and more importantly mentally! it was for charideee though so carrying on had to be done i guess! espicially for those honeyz AAAIIGGGGGGHHHHT ;) hehe. I still hold my crown though... "Most pathetic time whilst holding the Unofficial Record" catchy name yeah? UP THE WOMBLES!

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Tube 9

Post by Bunker65 » 30 Mar 2005, 10:12

I'm up for it!
This station is Bank. Change here for Docklands Light Railway, Waterloo and City, Circle, Central and District line. This train terminates at Colindale. 'Dis Trains abart ta depart! Mind da Closin' doors'

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